Version Notes

v: version -- DD/MM/YYYY, HH:MM:SS
fix: Info on code/features fixed
alt: Info on code/features altered
add: Info on code/features added
rem: Info on code/features removed
fix: battle status glitch where the battler could
^--: attack on a turn that the effect killed them
fix: !!daily command now shows proper information
fix: !!equip would allow basic attack to be equipped
^--: which would result in player not saving to database 
^--: this will now display special warning if tried
fix: small issue with !!report command
add: basic analytics tracking for commands
add: !!vote command as people kept trying to use it
add: !!math command to do basic and complex mathzzz
add: items can now be used in battle with !!equip item 
add: !!joke command to get a dumb joke from api
alt: mhp and mmp booster chance from pvp halfed
^--: chances from booster packs remain the same 
alt: battle reactions are now removed much faster
alt: power modifyers for mhp and mmp increased
alt: !!stats command changed how it displays data
fix: issues with nginx ssl ciphers stopping
^--: vote webhook from being recieved
^--: seems that the handshake was failing
alt: silenced effect now lasts 3 turns
alt: !!equip now requires slot id
add: !!equip now has optional argument 'clear'
add: !!claim rewardname now has 'all' option
add: specific error logfile for commands
rem: !!equip no longer auto selects slot id
fix: !!equip command bugging out
fix: user TypeError issue when adding roles
fix: reaching level 1 twice is no longer a thing
^--: this was caused on the odd occasion someone
^--: got near max exp gain on level 1, and went
^--: immediately to level 2, (but showed 1)
alt: default server configuration changed
alt: !!daily command now based on server time
alt: !!info command now has vote link and cache data
alt: dekbot now randomizes stats and skills on defeat
alt: exp calculation level bias changed
alt: !!help command slightly changed
add: !!daily command now includes dbl vote link
add: !!suicide / !!kmn / !!harakiri command
add: !!levelrole command to set auto roles at levels
add: auto rewards for upvoting bot on (dbl)
add: server counters posted to (dbl) via dblapi.js
fix: many pvp bugs, some were triggered by a 3rd user
^--: 3rd user could trigger unwanted battle actions
^--: 3rd user could revive self by 'redeath' from warning
^--: any user could break battle by spamming reactions
fix: bug with !!reminder command showing itself in reminder
fix: bug with !!reminder command not clearing reminder data
alt: completely changed the core structure 
alt: !!activity information is now only msg focused
alt: website is now its own dockerized application
alt: !!items command now has 'all' option
alt: player credits are now gained differently
^--: this is due to no longer tracking activity
alt: completely changed how commands are handled
alt: !!pvp now requires an explicit @target tag
alt: temporarily removed dashboard options from site
alt: !!activity command now shows nme and pvp wins
add: simple api for website app to contact bot app
add: some special commands for the developer only 
add: new !!time options: -set, -24, -me, and @user
add: new daily rewards feature to earn reward packs
add: new !!daily command with -claim option
rem: user activity information is no longer tracked
rem: !!activity msg and !!activity status
fix: bug where pvp battles failed
fix: bug where pvp battle could be forced
fix: !!say color command showing user id 
fix: bug where mute role stayed if killed
add: commands have now been categorized
add: new !!reminder utility command
add: dekbot now shows !!help info if the  
^--: only thing a that user says is @DekBOT
add: some new faq's to the website
fix: bug where players could pvp themself 
fix: bug showing incorrect status target
fix: jabaga skill had wrong requirements
fix: !!help wasnt showing proper commands
fix: login button missing text (sml screens)
fix: attempts to learn enemy skills now fail
alt: temp removed some battlers considered 'nsfw'
alt: limited !!activity to showing 3 items
alt: changed max level of mobs that can spawn
add: new commands ~ !!coinflip !!random !!ascii 
add: dekbot kills you for fail battle spam
add: new !!gamble command to gamble with credits
fix: some typos found in item names/descriptions
fix: various website typos
fix: untrusted domain warning page
fix: nginx redirections for website
fix: !!equip command can now use id or name
alt: skills can now have multiple req skills
alt: dragons y position further down a smidge 
alt: all battlers gained +3 hp and mp
alt: !!player skills is now !!skills
add: 3 new tier 2 atk type skills
add: valentines2020 !!cardbg vday-2020
add: !!hp command to easily see current hp/mp/xp
add: !!rewards and !!claim donators commands
add: paypal donation mechanism on website
^--: includes bonus rewards for donators
add: new page 
add: new page 
add: 3 new donation lootbox reward items 
fix: bug with !!learn command not recognising ids
fix: hourly credits bug where they wouldnt be gained
fix: bug where no credits gained if lvl from battle
alt: number of possible battle backgrounds: 7 -> 15
alt: number of additional player cards: 4 -> 20 
alt: enemy power value no longer counts skills
alt: exp is now also gained from pvp battles
add: !!cardbg owned command, to tell you owned cards
add: new /cards and /mechanics pages on website
add: loads of new information into web guides
fix: bug where gain item and enemy weak af
alt: !!player card command is now !!cardbg
alt: !!activity data only stored for 7 days
alt: exp formula dramatically altered
alt: item id's changed back to numbers
alt: nginx forced http redirect to https
add: dekbots official domain: 
add: certbot container + ssl certificate
add: crontab auto certbot renewal task
add: reverse proxy (nginx) container
add: !!skills ID now gives skill info
fix: mp potions no longer recover hp
fix: spawn windows watermark website url
alt: !!player recover is now !!recover or !!heal
alt: !!player skills is now !!skills or !!skill
alt: !!player items is now !!items or !!item
alt: !!player learn skill is now !!learn
alt: !!player equip is now !!equip
alt: !!player rank is now !!rank or !!leaderboard
alt: !!player items is now !!items or !!item
alt: !!items command now uses item name, not id!
alt: no longer counts DekBOT or Clyde as bot user
^--: within '!!info' display panels 'players'
alt: !!help commands are now ordered properly
alt: changed layout for websites '/updates' page
alt: changed layout for !!info command's details
alt: various website design updates
add: website now has '/commands' page
rem: the word 'confirm' is no longer required 
^--: instead DekBOT will ask for confirmation
^--: via the checkbox / cross reactions
fix: battle-timeout bug due to 'lower'
fix: rate stats formatting differences
alt: min exp gain from enemy 1 > 3
fix: nuba skill had incorrect requirement
fix: end battle reactions removal bug
fix: member roles not altering on death
fix: altered roles undone on server shutdown 
fix: credits are no longer gained below lvl 1
alt: no longer counts DekBOT or Clyde as bot user
^--: within 'Playing !!help for XX users' status
alt: roles no longer removed when dead/killer
alt: max enemy level & power lowered
alt: enemy spawn rate algorythm changed 
alt: item drop rate algorythm changed 
add: weighted randomization module
add: db migration management module
add: moved to the cloud for testing purposes
fix: exp bug where negative exp would be earned
fix: target type 'self' skills now target self
fix: item drop bug giving items but no amount
fix: bug where missed skills didnt use mp
fix: some skills had incorrect cost values
fix: effort points werent being gained properly
alt: player level now impacts damage formula less
alt: player spd now affects crit damage multiplier
alt: player luk now affects crit chance percentage
alt: player spd and luk now affect accuracy
alt: shield now buffs def and mdf more, but no mhp
alt: skills base damage values slightly changed
alt: !!info skills ID changed layout + new info
alt: changed how !!player stats is displayed 
alt: skills now have new requirements
^--: T1 skills require lvl 5 to learn
^--: T2 skills require lvl 10 + T1 skills
^--: T3 skills require lvl 15 + T2 skills
add: hp & mp regen rates now based on boosts
add: number player skills increased 11 -> 27
^--: upgraded variations of damaging skills
^--: numerous new status effect skills
fix: cant use commands when in battle
fix: cant be in more than 1 battle per server
alt: reduced shield duration 1 turn
alt: effects can no longer stack
add: consumable items (when not in battle only)
^--: x3 each of hp & mp potions (heals hp / mp)
^--: stat booster items (perm stat increase)
^--: dna modulator item (resets dna values)
add: !!pvp command enabled for everyone!!!
add: dead & killer roles for members
add: enemies can now drop consumable items***
add: pvp wins can drop stat booster items*** 
***: only if winners power > losers power*0.9
fix: pvp battles missing avatar bug
fix: text bug showing enemy gain exp
fix: equipped skills werent showing 
fix: docker container SIGINT signal bug
alt: docker container build steps
alt: power calculation changes
alt: enemy spawns max level changed
add: !!mute command now also unmutes 
add: hp & mp regen when gain msg exp
fix: reactions bug when battle ends
fix: autoremove user reaction when cant battle
alt: skill prices have been lowered significantly
alt: restructured entire battle system
add: enemies now have a small wait before attack
add: enemies now have access to unique skills
add: testing player pvp feature
fix: enemy spawn levels spawn bug
alt: prepared codebase for deployment
add: database to docker container
add: credentials for dockerized database
alt: number of potential bitmap fonts: 2 -> 6
add: !!report bug|@user commands
add: !!player card commands
fix: server members now rank properly
alt: power formula altered [slightly lower]
alt: number of potential bitmap fonts: 1 -> 2
alt: number of potential enemies: 94 -> 224
alt: number of skills: 8 -> 11
add: 2 minute cache to reduce db io's
add: db data saved each minute held in cache
add: db data saved before cache release
add: db data saved before app shutdown
add: application dockerized