Mechanics Guide


Player stats are broken down into core stats and rate modifiers. Core stats have a few substats which are; base values, dna values, effort values, and boosts. Rate modifying stats are influenced directly by your core stats. Increasing your core stats should almost always be the main focus, and there are a few different ways that you can do this!


Max Health Points is quite simply, your players maximum health value. When you are attacked your health points will take the damage. If you have 0 health points you are considered dead. You can gain mhp effort by using mhp type skills on yourself.


Max Magic Points determines how many skills you can use. All skills require magic points to use. If you try to use a skill when you dont have enough mana, your basic attack will be used instead. Gain mmp effort by having mhp type skills used against you.


Physical Attack determines the damage that you deal to your enemies when you use skills that are atk type. Gain more atk effort by using atk type skills in battle.


Physical Defence is the stat used when calculating how much damage you will take from atk based skills. You can earn def effort by taking lots of hits from atk type skills.


Magical Attack determines the damage that you deal to your enemies when you use skills that are mat type. Gain more mat effort by using mat type skills in battle.


Magical Defence is the stat used when calculating how much damage you will take from mat based skills. You can earn mdf effort by taking lots of hits from mat type skills.


Speed is used to determine who will go first in battle. It also affects the crit-dmg-rate and accuracy-rate modifiers. The more speed you have, the higher your critical damage can be! You can only earn spd effort by being quick and dodging enemy attacks.


Luck stat mainly affects your crit-hit-rate and accuracy-rate mofidiers, but it also has a very slight influence in the drops and exp you gain from battles. You can gain luk effort points by doing exactly that, being lucky and landing a tasty critical hit!

base values

All players have a set base value of 80 for each stat. Enemies have vastly different base stat values for each of their stats. For example, some enemies might have incredibly strong mdf and weak def whilst others will have insane mhp and low atk.

dna values

All core stats have a dna value between 0-105. This value is completely randomized when your player is created; however there are legendary items that can alter your dna. The higher your dna for a particular stat is, the stronger that stat will be overall.

effort values

When you are in battle you will gain efforts based on what happens. If you are using atk type skills, you will earn atk type efforts. The more effort you put in, the more you will get out of it.


Certain items can be used to permanently boost a specific stat. Needless to say, these items are incredibly powerful and can be used to turn even the weakest nub into a destructive force!


This is a simple modifier used to determine if your attack deals critical damage or not. Higher luk stat can increase this modifier.


Determines the additional damage dealt when your attack has been critical. Increasing your spd stat will boost this modifier.


Used when calculating if your attack even hits your target. When your enemy has higher accuracy-rate than you, your own accuracy will suffer and attacks might miss a little bit more!


When you regenerate HP and MP from sending messages, these rates are used to determine how much will heal. The default value of 0.100 is equivalent to 10% of the max value.


Player skills are the best way to defeat your enemy with style! Naturally not all skill are the same. Some have higher base damage, some have better accuracy, and others can even inflict battle changing status effects onto your foes! Needless to say selecting the skills you take into battle is extremely important, so make sure to plan the skills you want to learn carefully. Other important things to consider are mp costs of the skills you intend to equip, and the fact that you can only equip 4 skills at a time!

base dmg

This shows the skills overall power. The higher a skills base dmg, the more damage it will deal when it hits its target. Normally higher base dmg skills have lower accuracy.

mp cost

Is exactly as you might think, the cost to your magic points when you use the skill. Skills that have a higher base dmg generally cost more mp to use them in battle.


This shows the skills overall accuracy. Your own accuracy-rate modifier is calculated on top of the skills accuracy stat. Low accuracy means the skill wont hit as often.


Certain enemies will have elements associated with them. Use a skill with an element they are weak to and you will deal bonus damage. For example, a fire enemy would be weak to water.

dmg type

Shows the stat that the skill will use when it is calculating its damage. Skills can either be lvl, atk, mat, or mhp type. Skills that heal HP or solely inflict status effects are usually mhp type.

req level / skill

Most skills have requirements before you can learn them. Some require you to be a certain level, whilst others will require that you already know additional skills first.