Frequently Asked Questions

There are a few configurable options that you probably want to setup. For example, enabling spawns, setting the spawns channel, and changing the join/leave message. All of these settings can be changed using the !!config command. You can find out more information on the available admin commands here. Alternatively, You can login to this website and use our dashboard to alter these configuration options.

Quite simply, you gain exp from sending messages and winning battles. Message exp is resitrcted to once per minute to avoid spammers. The exact exp formula will not be disclosed; however, if you are showing as online, with a discord status, then the amount of exp you can gain from sending messages will increase!! Additionally, you can obtain huge amounts of exp by defeating enemies and other players in battle! The closer the opponent is to your level, the more exp you will gain.

Each time you gain exp from sending a message you will also regenerate at least 10% HP & MP. If you really dont want to wait for the natural regeneration, you can use the `!!recover` or `!!heal` command to restore all HP and MP immediately.

You gain 1 credit for each level up, and 10 bonus credits on every 10th level. You can also gain credits for online activity. If you have a custom status, or are showing as 'playing some game' you will gain 1 credit per hour when online. If you have no status showing, you will gain 1 credit for every second hour. Donating also rewards you with credits and bonus items.

There are many factors that determine the overall power rating of your player. The heaviest influencers on power are; your level, base statistics, and the base damage of your equipped skills. For more detailed statistics information see here.

Use the `!!cardbg` command along with a valid backgrounds name.

DekBOT was created as part of a personal challenge I had set myself. I feel like it'd be cheating myself if I was to open source the code, or get programming assistance from others. Because of this I wont be sharing the source code anytime soon. However, If you have any ideas for features or other suggestions, feel free to let me know in the official discord channel!!

Because they have higher administrator privelages than DekBOT does. If you want to be able to add these roles onto admins, we suggest you create a new 'admin' role that has only the rights you want your server moderators to have rather than giving them full administrator privelages. Once you have your servers 'admin' role setup. Use `!!config admin-role-name rolename` to allow them access to DekBOT's admin commands (only required if the role name is not 'admin'). If you want these roles to also be added to server owner, you must give DekBOT full administrator privelage as this is not requested by default. Nothing else is done with these rights. Please note that when someone with full administrator privelages is muted/dead, they will still able to send messages.